Climate Change Performance Index: Morocco in the top 10

Published annually since 2005, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is an independent monitoring tool for the climate protection performance of 59 countries.

The 59 countries assessed by the Climate Change Performance Index in its 2023 report together account for 92% of global greenhouse gas emissions. These countries are assessed in four categories: GHG emissions, renewable energy, energy use and climate policy.

Of the 59 countries, 4 are African countries. Algeria, South Africa, Egypt and Morocco show very different results. Indeed, while Morocco continues to make good progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing good climate policies, others are doing the opposite. This is the case of Algeria and South Africa, two countries that are still very dependent on their fossil resources.

Morocco is in the top 10 of the best performing countries in this year’s CCPI

As in the previous two years, the report shows that the Kingdom of Morocco scored highly in three main categories of the IPCC: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption and Climate Policy. This performance earned it a 7th place in the ranking, as the top 3 places were not awarded.

However, although the trend in renewable energy is very high in Morocco, the country scored very low in this category. The fault, according to the report, is the lack of decentralisation of renewable energy and the fact that citizens are not encouraged to produce their own renewable energy.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Moroccan House of Representatives unanimously approved in December 2022 during a legislative session, the draft law n° 82.21 on the self-production of electrical energy.

In general, the report notes that Morocco has been at the forefront of reducing its GHG emissions and has strengthened this effort after COP22. The CICC experts welcome the country’s progress in recent years, but criticise the current laws for their lack of enforceability and for the lack of industry support for them.


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