Morocco, Spain, and Portugal announced a joint candidacy for 2030 World Cup

In a combined effort to host the 2030 World Cup, Portugal, Spain, and Morocco will participate, according to King Mohammed VI’s announcement.

This declaration was delivered in a royal message at the time that King Mohammed VI and President Paul Kagame of Rwanda were presented with the CAF Excellence Award for the year 2022 in Kigali.

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The king made it clear that this joint bid, which is unprecedented in football history, will be billed as bridging the continents of Africa and Europe, the north and south of the Mediterranean, and the African continent with the Arab and Euro-Mediterranean regions.

Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports Chakib Benmoussa read the message.

Morocco has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to win the privilege to host the World Cup. King Mohammed VI gave the nation the order to submit their application for the 2030 event in 2018. Rashid Talbi Alami, the former Minister of Youth and Sports, reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to moral and orderly competition in its candidacy file despite criticism from other Arab nations.

Together with Britain, the countries of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay have also declared their interest in hosting the 2030 World Cup.

The Spanish and Portuguese federations were initially reluctant to include Morocco in the joint bid because FIFA was not enthusiastic about joint files from different continents, but they have since changed their minds. Previously, they were reluctant because FIFA was not enthusiastic about cross-continent joint bids.

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