Palestinian cause: Palestinian personalities welcome Morocco’s firm positions and support

Palestinian personalities praised the firm positions of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, in supporting the Palestinian cause and defending the Holy City and the legitimate rights of the Maqdessis.

In this regard, the Palestinian Presidential Advisor in charge of Al-Quds affairs, Ahmed Al-Rouidi, highlighted the firm position of the Kingdom of Morocco and King Mohammed VI in supporting the Holy City.

He stressed that this continuous support takes many forms, including political, highlighting the close coordination between King Mohammed VI and President Mahmoud Abbas for the preservation of Al-Quds and the defense of the Palestinian cause.

He added that this support is also manifested in the support to the needs of the Holy City through the chairmanship of His Majesty the King of the Al-Quds Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, highlighting, in this sense, the role of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency in supporting hospitals, educational institutions, institutions dedicated to youth, as well as businesses.

Al-Rouidi underlined that the positions of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, “are firm and appreciated by the personalities, institutions and families of the Holy City, Muslims and Christians,” while expressing his gratitude for the efforts made by the Kingdom in defending the Palestinian cause.

On the other hand, he announced the forthcoming opening of a house of culture that will bear the name of the Kingdom of Morocco, highlighting the role of the King in this regard.


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For his part, Nasser Qaws, member of the administrative body of the Association of the African Community in Al-Quds, highly praised the efforts of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, in defending the Palestinian cause in general and the Holy City in particular.

He stressed that Morocco’s positions towards the Palestinian cause are consistent and have not changed over time despite all the circumstances that have occurred, noting that the Palestinian cause is at the forefront of the Kingdom of Morocco’s interests under the leadership of the King.

He highlighted the Kingdom’s continuous support for the Palestinian cause in all international forums, especially in these difficult days in the Palestinian territories, calling for the need to continue supporting the Palestinian cause as the cause of Arabs.

For his part, Ziyad Al-Hamouri, director of the Al-Quds Centre for Social and Economic Rights, praised King Mohammed VI’s efforts to support the resistance of the Maqdessis through the Sovereign’s personal supervision of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency, which carries out concrete actions to support the Holy City and its population in all fields.

Hassan Edkidek, director of the Arab Association for the Disabled, stressed that King Mohammed VI’s interest in the Palestinian cause stems from the Sovereign’s conviction of the importance of this cause and the need to support it.


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