World Cup 2030: Spain reassured after King Mohammed VI announces joint bid to host the cup

A state of reassurance appeared in Spanish media circles after King Mohammed VI announced on Tuesday in Kigali that Morocco would bid jointly with Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup, in a message on the occasion of the presentation of the Confederation of African Football’s 2022 Award of Excellence, which was awarded to His Majesty in the Rwandan capital.

Several Spanish newspapers specializing in the sports sector have focused on this important announcement, especially after the exclusion of Ukraine from the dossier was a source of great concern. In this context, the newspaper “Elpais” provided details of Morocco’s entry into the competition, and the role the kingdom will play in winning the votes of the African unions.

According to the same newspaper, Morocco will play a key role in convincing Saudi Arabia not to bid for the 2030 World Cup alongside Egypt and Greece, provided that the tripartite Europe-Africa bid is supported, postponing the bid of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Greece to 2034.

In this message, read by the Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, King Mohammed VI stressed that “this joint bid, which constitutes a precedent in the history of football, will bear the title of a link between Africa and Europe, between the north and the south of the Mediterranean, between the African continent, the Arab world and the Euro-Mediterranean area”.

The King added that this appointment will also embody the highest meanings of unity around the best of any given team, and will witness the concerted efforts of genius, creativity, and the integration of expertise and potentialities.


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