Morocco climbs the list of nations with a strong cultural and historical power

According to the “Brand Finance” institution’s assessment, Morocco has attained a very advanced position on the list of significant nations in the world due to the strength of its culture and legacy.

The kingdom improved by 16 degrees from the previous year to take the top spot in the Maghreb and the 36th spot globally on the list of nations with a significant cultural and historical influence.

This classification is based on fieldwork and interviews conducted by experts from the international organization that publishes the soft power index, and more than 100 public figures participated in the poll.

In the same institution’s global soft power index, Morocco ranked 55th overall.

Brand Finance describes soft power as “a nation’s capacity to attract or persuade rather than coerce diverse participants in the international arena, including nations, companies, communities, publics, and more, in order to influence their preferences and actions.
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