Morocco Dismantles in Vienna Algerian slanderer, producer and initiator of multiple drug trafficking networks

Vi – Morocco has dismantled, Tuesday before the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna, the slanders spread by Algeria, a country yet producer, actor and initiator of several kinds of drug and narcotics trafficking.

Azzeddine Farhane, the ambassador permanent representative of Morocco in Vienna, spoke during the discussion of the general segment of the 66th CND and denounced the accusations as “as unfounded as ridiculous” made by the ambassador of Algeria, who dedicated his speech before this assembly to disparaging Morocco.

The Algerian tale, he said, “is too frequently defrayed by scandals and other disparate realities that plainly attest that Algeria is not a victim of drug trafficking from abroad, as it vainly attempts to make believe.”

Farhane stated that Algeria is more of a producer, actor, and starter of various drug and narcotic trafficking. He cited the Moroccan authorities’ seizure of 2,838,069 units of psychotropic substances from, mostly, Algeria in 2022, up 75% from 2021.

The diplomat noted that Algeria’s “fixation” on Morocco “proceeds from a sick and grotesque obsession,” noting that Algeria “has always accustomed to this posture of victimization in its relationship with Morocco, to the extent that any evil that affects Algeria is systematically attributed to Morocco.

He asserted that Algeria frequently uses this dishonest and out-of-date propaganda to deflect attention away from the actual issues that beset this neighboring country.

Farhane brought out that Algeria had unilaterally severed diplomatic ties with Morocco and that the Moroccan-Algerian border had been blocked for more than 25 years.

He added that the Algerian government had made every effort to secure the border by building walls and digging deep trenches, and that these efforts were further reinforced by an excessive militarization of the country’s border regions.

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