BCIJ director reveals latest updates on terrorist attack on police officer

Habboub Charkaoui, the director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), gave a press conference to discuss the most recent findings in the continuing investigation into a police officer’s death.

The representative clarified that numerous organizations, including Casablanca’s judicial police, are working together on this probe.

The spot where the victim’s personal vehicle was set ablaze and abandoned there in a rural area was the subject of the investigation.

Habboub from BCIJ said that at first, the investigating authorities were unable to validate any of the possibilities after finding the victim’s body at the crime site. The team of investigators therefore dealt with all tenable hypotheses, including the terrorist component of this, which called for additional research.

Investigators came to the conclusion that this was a terrorist crime conducted by at least two people, motivated by theft or an extremist purpose after taking into account the absence of the victim’s work gun and handcuffs as well as the suspects’ stalking activities.

As a result of the coordinated actions of the relevant agencies, the first suspect was apprehended in Casablanca, the second suspect was found hiding in the city of Fes, and the third suspect was apprehended in Casablanca when the authorities found his hiding place.

“I can only remember the wonderful interaction of the public with the investigation teams for reporting anything questionable to serve justice,” stated Habboub BCIJ director.

I salute everyone who helped the victim’s family by sending them wonderful condolence letters and other forms of support, the speaker said.

According to information presented to the team of detectives thus far in their investigation, the suspects all recently swore allegiance to ISIS after one of them repeated what they think to be the vow of supposed allegiance to the corpse, which confirmed that this is a terrorist crime.

The evidence that is currently available indicates that the suspects wanted to go to the Sahel to join the terrorist organization Daesh but were unable to do so because of a lack of money. They started preparing local terrorist strikes against security people, banks, and other financial organizations as a result.

When questioned about the possibility that this is an instance of quick extremism, the officer responded that the suspects had only joined Daesh a month and a half prior, confirming that it is.

The main suspect, a 31-year-old man who has already been charged with drug usage and violent theft in the past, has a long criminal history.

The results of the inquiry proved that the suspects had a premeditated motivation because they had chosen a bank deliberately, arranged to rob it, and scouted the neighborhood.

The 37-year-old second suspect helped the first suspect commit the crime. The third, a 50-year-old guy, was responsible for setting the automobile on fire in an effort to tamper with the crime scene and the evidence.

The search for anyone connected to the atrocities is still ongoing in the inquiry.

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