Fight against terrorism: Morocco’s strategy a source of inspiration for other countries (Mexican expert)

The Mexican expert in international relations, Román López Villicaña, affirmed that the effective, multidimensional and integrated strategy of Morocco in the fight against terrorism can inspire the rest of the world.

The professor of international relations at the University of the Americas in Mexico City said in a statement to MAP that the efficiency and vigilance of Moroccan security and intelligence services, which recently aborted two terrorist operations targeting the stability of the Kingdom, testify to the relevance of the Moroccan strategy to fight terrorism and violent extremism.

Villicaña said that this approach, which is mainly based on proactivity and full respect for human rights, should inspire other countries, which in turn face the terrorist threat, to eradicate this phenomenon.

He added that the tangible results obtained thanks to the Kingdom’s strategy in this field underline that the Moroccan approach is not only based on the security aspect but also includes several aspects, notably religious, legal, and socio-economic.

The expert also highlighted the centrality of the role of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, in preventing the exploitation of religion for illegitimate purposes and in guaranteeing a religious practice based on the right balance and moderation.

The Mexican expert also praised the socio-economic programs, including income-generating projects, that Morocco is keen to implement to combat vulnerability and poverty, which, he noted, are among the main causes of the phenomenon of terrorism.


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