Morocco in the Forefront of Proactive Counterterrorism Strategy – US Expert

Irina Tsukerman, an American expert in international relations, claimed that Morocco is leading the way in the battle against terrorism and violent extremism because of its proactive and multifaceted strategy.

After the recent detentions by Moroccan security forces of extremists connected to Daesh, the analyst told MAP that “Morocco has always been in the vanguard against the growth of extremism in all its manifestations throughout North Africa” and beyond.

She mentioned how the Moroccan anti-terrorism policy dismantles pernicious and wicked concepts that incite violence and hatred.

According to Tsukerman, this strategy is not only founded on a competent and efficient security and intelligence approach but also encompasses the sectors of religion and education. He also said that Morocco’s policy is built on fostering ideals of peace, coexistence, and acceptance of the other.

The U.S. expert said that violent extremism and terrorist acts are “few and are swiftly foiled” as a result of this “effective” policy, noting that the Moroccan model of combatting terrorism and violent extremism is well-recognized by the world community.

She emphasized that extremists are condemned to failure because all they have to offer is violence and hollow promises, whereas Morocco, a country that leads in many fields that promote wealth and advancement, is unavoidably committed to a trajectory of economic development and cultural impact.

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