LGaming Awards honors Moroccan gaming and e-sports culture

Tuesday marks the second LGaming Awards, which will present prizes to Morocco’s finest esports teams, streamers, and content creators.

Six winners in six categories—Best Male Streamer, Best Female Streamer, Best Esport Team, Best Esport Player, Best Content Creator, and Best Caster/Host—will be announced in a ceremony tonight.

During tonight’s LGaming Awards closing event, a number of Moroccan singers and rappers will take the stage, including Stormy, Rym Fikri, a rising artist, and Nouamane Belaichi.

Starting on February 18 and ending today at Rabat’s Mohammed 5 Theater with the award ceremony.

The awards seek to promote the potential offered by the Moroccan market while recognizing, encouraging, and fostering the spirit of innovation and uniqueness in the gaming and esports sectors.

This event aims to develop Moroccan esports and gaming culture so that it can compete in the international video game industry.

Together with DJ Maro and singers Rym Fikri and Nouamane Belaichi, who took part in the Mondialito theme song, Stormy will perform during the ceremony.

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