Foreign Ministry recalled diaspora care following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

A month and a half after the natural disaster, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the human tragedy brought on by the earthquake in Turkey resulted in the deaths of 20 Moroccans in all.

The Ministry reported that 154 people survived the accident, including 16 injured people who left the hospital after receiving treatment, in response to a written query in the House of Representatives about the number of deaths among the Moroccan population in Turkey.

The Ministry emphasized that 33 Moroccan citizens are still missing as a result of the earthquake in Turkey, adding that many Moroccan citizens also perished in the disaster, just like Turkish citizens and persons of other nationalities who lived in the impacted areas.

According to the Ministry, no Moroccans were killed or hurt as a result of the earthquake on the Syrian side. The Ministry also claimed that it had taken the initiative to give this issue top priority by creating a special crisis cell that works continuously all week to support the Moroccan diasporas in both countries.

According to the ministry, the goal of the collective work of these cells is to gather information and provide direct phone numbers to Moroccan citizens living in Turkey and Moroccans with relatives in earthquake-affected areas so that they can individually enquire and investigate each citizen’s news.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that it had worked with the Turkish authorities on the ground to report any Moroccan who was hurt or killed, or who had been recovered from the debris and whose Moroccan identification had been established, so that inquiries could be made about him.

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