Moroccan boxer Khadija El Mardi crowned world champion

The Women’s World Boxing Championship brought together more than 320 participants representing 70 countries, including Morocco. In the semi-final, the Moroccan champion Khadija El Mardi, qualified by dominating the Russian Pyatak Diana on the unanimous decision of the judges. She declared at the end of the fight that her objective was to win gold. The Moroccan heavyweight champion has achieved her “dreams and those of all Moroccans”.

The Moroccan boxer, Khadija El Mardi (+81 kg), was crowned world champion in heavyweight on Sunday evening in New Delhi. The Moroccan boxer won the gold medal at the World Championships of women’s boxing, held in the Indian capital, after beating the Kazakh Kungeibayeva Lazzat.

A year after her final loss at the Women’s World Championships in Turkey, Khadija El Mardi was finally able to realize her dream by becoming the +81kg World Heavyweight Champion. Determined to win the precious metal, El Mardi dominated Khazak Lazzat Kuneibayeva in the final. A major achievement for national boxing, after the one achieved by Mohamed Rabii at the 2015 World Championships.


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