India pitches to Morocco, among others ‘affordable’ military equipment

India made a bold move to position itself as a major player in the global arms trade by showcasing its booming domestic defense sector on Wednesday in front of army chiefs and officials from 31 African countries.

India, the largest arms importer in the world, has made significant investments in its defense industry in an effort to lessen its reliance on imports, notably those from Russia.

According to AFP, among the African nations represented at the meeting were Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Officials claim that India’s sales pitch in Africa is predominantly defensive in character and features a variety of products, including armored vehicles, radars, and telecommunications technology.

A variety of state-of-the-art military tools, including artillery, drones, and helicopters made in India were on display at the exhibition, which was hosted in Pune. With commandos employing armoured vehicles, robots that can disarm bombs, and commandos abseiling from helicopters, India’s simulated operation demonstrated the capabilities of its equipment. Assault rifles, artillery shells, and missile model exhibitions were also on display.

“We are making equipment which is affordable and reliable,” said retired Indian army general VG Patankar, speaking to AFP at the event.

India’s efforts to enhance its military exports are especially targeted at developing countries who cannot afford more expensive equipment supplied in the West. India wants to increase its presence on the continent, where less than 20% of its weaponry exports now go. In the upcoming years, the nation wants to increase its annual exports of guns from roughly $1.7 billion to $5 billion.

The launch of India’s largest helicopter manufacturing facility in February and the successful test-firing of a ballistic missile from its first domestic nuclear-powered submarine are just two examples of how India’s recent investments in its defense sector have produced outstanding results. India’s military hardware on show at the event demonstrates the nation’s commitment to becoming a significant global arms exporter while enhancing its own defense capabilities.

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