Relations between Morocco and Senegal Are Built on ‘Complicity and Proximity’ (Ambassador)

Dakar – Relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Senegal are built on “complicity and proximity”, said HM the King’s Ambassador to Senegal, Hassan Naciri, stressing that these relations have intensified further in recent decades.

The Moroccan diplomat stated that His Majesty King Mohammed VI has added a precious stone to the structure by acting with conviction and a strong determination at three levels in an interview with the Senegalese newspaper “Le Soleil” that was published on Monday.

Politically speaking, “by upholding the values of this unique partnership, as evidenced by the eight official visits to Dakar, (…). This is the most visits to an African sister country that have been documented “said he.

In terms of the economy, he continued, “HM King Mohammed VI and president Macky Sall, as well as his predecessor Abdoulaye Wade, driven by this sense of common destiny and the spirit of solidarity (…) have invested to give substance and concrete content to this unique relationship by establishing solid and innovative partnerships between our two countries,” noting that these mutually beneficial partnerships cover sectors like finance and construction through off-shoring.

Thirdly, he emphasized that “our high authorities have made significant efforts to build a beneficial partnership in cultural sectors as indicated by the vast number of students enrolled in both Senegal and Morocco with their positive impact on mutual knowledge and people mix.”

Similar to how His Majesty King Mohammed VI represents the Commandery of the Faithful, Naciri emphasized the significance of this aspect, saying that “this concept is crucial to understand the exceptional nature of our relations insofar as it transcends all the traditional aspects of relations between states, it has its own dynamics, and it develops outside of all contingencies of any kind.”

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