Tangier To Host the 5th Edition of Industry Meeting Days on Industrial Investment

The 5th edition of the Industry Meeting Days, with the topic “Industrial Investment: Engine of Jobs and Economic Development,” will be held on April 28 and 29 in Tangier at the Hilton Al Houara.

The event, which is being organized in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Trade and Industry, will build on the King Mohammed VI’s recent emphasis on the necessity for Morocco to develop a strong industrial ecosystem in order to revive the domestic economy and strengthen the country’s position in key sectors.

The King issued the remarks last month in a letter to the attendees of the inaugural “National Industry Day.”

The monarch declared, “Now, more than ever, our industry is called upon to promote local manufacturing in a competitive manner in order to reduce this dependence, to strengthen our resilience, to boost our competitiveness, and to consolidate Morocco’s place in promising industries.”

According to a press release, a wide range of pertinent themes will be covered during the industry meeting days, including directing industrial investment towards “priority industries” and minimizing territorial differences in terms of luring investment.

Also, it will discuss the new investment charter and strategies for improving Morocco’s integration into the world value chain.

The press release stated that “world-renowned” speakers, government officials, and national and international actors in the industrial and economic sectors would attend the event and engage in meaningful discussions.

The event will provide a chance to “unite the commitment of the many stakeholders, increase efficiency and harmony between the actors, and to consolidate the efforts achieved to date, in support of national and international investments,” according to the event’s organizers.

The statement added that the Industrial Meeting Awards, which will award the “top achievements in the industrial sphere” with 13 awards, will also give the option for participation to the larger economic and industrial environment.

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