Russia accuses Czech Republic of delivering Moroccan T-72B tanks to Ukraine

Russia claims that the Czech Republic delivered combat tanks of the type T-72B to Ukraine as part of a modernization contract that Morocco had with Belarus and transferred to Prague.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced on Monday that the country has contracted with the Czech firm Excalibur Army spol to modernize a batch that it purchased from Belarus between 1999 and 2001.

The same source also said that although 74 units were sent to Ukraine, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) only received 56 tanks.

The 74 armored vehicles were essentially seized by the Czech side and afterwards transported to the Ukrainian fighting area.

According to the Russian source, Morocco never authorized or chose to transfer these tanks.

“A fait accompli has been handed to the Moroccans. In addition, they (the Czechs) have found them guilty in the eyes of the Belarusians for failing to adhere to the conditions of the purchase contract, which forbade the transfer of tanks to foreign nations without the supplier’s consent, according to Maria Zakharova.

In press statements, the official emphasized that “Prague does not hesitate to violate the basic norms of international law governing the arms trade and seize the property of others.”

“We observe with regret that the unfortunate experience of the Second World War is being repeated, when Czech companies, as a part of the military-industrial complex of Nazi Germany, tirelessly supplied weapons to the Third Reich for its war against the USSR,” the spokesperson added.

The Czech Republic’s current leadership appears to have no lessons from history as they prepare to make their nation one of the primary hubs for the production, maintenance, and modernisation of military hardware for the neo-Nazi administration in Kiev. The ‘Western collective’s’ objectives are clear: to assist to the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict and to harm Russia as much as possible, even if it means fighting to the death of Ukrainians.

Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s minister of foreign affairs, refuted the long-circulating accusations in February, denying that his country had sent arms to Ukraine.

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