Private school French teacher accused of raping 4 minor students in Casablanca

After a teacher was recently accused of raping four of his female, underage students in Casablanca, the Kingdom was once again disturbed by an equally awful circumstance. This charge was made shortly after a shocking episode of child rape in Morocco that inspired a powerful condemnation movement.

This “tragic” story, which is currently being looked into by the Moroccan legal system, was first made public by the Federation of Women’s Rights League (FWRL) of Morocco.

The French teacher at the private school is accused of raping four of his underage female students and is also suspected of human trafficking, along with another person who is accused of operating “a brothel.”

After a complaint was filed, the case’s court hearing was postponed until May 4 so that the accused may prepare his defense.

The FWRL emphasizes in its statement on the case that “the atrocious acts fall under human trafficking crimes because it takes advantage of the victims’ vulnerability,” given that they are legally minors, as well as the power relations that exist between a teacher and his underage students.

The Federation emphasizes that it is important to take into account the teacher’s power and influence inside the institution, which contributes to his desire to hurt the physical and mental integrity of his female students by abusing them in ways that lower their dignity.

The federation asserted that “we demand protection for girls and women victims of violence, as one of the fundamental rights under the Constitution and international law,” and pledged to provide the victims and their families with both legal and emotional help.

The FWRL further emphasized the necessity for the government to commit to caring for these victims who were minors and to support them throughout the legal process.

In its statement, the federation called for “the preservation of the victims’ privacy” as the case is heard by the first instance criminal chamber of the Casablanca Court of Appeals.

Following a month of demonstrations and public fury over “an unjust, lenient” decision given in another horrifying case, heartbreaking news of yet another child rape case has emerged.

The father of the kid’s child and her rapists received only two years in prison for their torture and crimes. S was an 11-year-old victim of repeated rape by three men.

Following the fury of Moroccans, NGOs’ campaigns, and extraordinary media attention, the Rabat Court of Appeals granted the victim justice by handing down penalties of 10 years for the rapists and 20 years for the rapist who caused the pregnancy.

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