Members of the Moroccan community are “safe and secure” at Port Sudan, awaiting their return to Morocco

Mohamed Ma Al-Ainain, Morocco’s ambassador to the Sudan, said on Tuesday that the Moroccan community members who had been moved from Khartoum to Port Sudan in anticipation of their return to Morocco were “safe and secure.”

In a statement to the media, the ambassador said that all necessary preparations had been made to welcome Moroccan community members “in the best conditions” in Port Sudan. He added that they are welcomed and receive all services related to housing and living, as well as consultations on consular matters.

Nearly 300 Moroccan citizens were being relocated from Khartoum to the port city of Sudan in accordance with His Majesty’s High Instructions, pending their repatriation to Morocco.

The Moroccan Embassy staff was guaranteeing the best possible outcome for that procedure in coordination with the primary objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About 80 Moroccan nationals are anticipated to arrive in Port Sudan on Wednesday following the arrival of the first land convoy on Monday.

In accordance with His Majesty the King’s instructions, the Moroccan Mission had also made preparations for the arrival of two Moroccan planes on the horizon for the evacuation of all Moroccan people living in the Sudan.

He recalled that the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Khartoum had taken measures to ensure effective communication with the various Moroccan community members residing in the Sudan, including families, frameworks, some students, and transit who have been visiting the country over the past few days. These measures had been taken in full coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Morocco and the Sudan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Morocco announced on Monday that His Majesty King Mohammed VI had given his high instructions to secure the return of Moroccan citizens from the Republic of the Sudan in light of recent events there and the deterioration of security conditions in that sister nation.

In order to ensure that Moroccan nationals and their families returned to their native country under the best possible conditions, His Majesty the King added his high instructions to organize an air route in collaboration with the Royal Lines of Morocco.

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