King: Morocco is keen to continue exchanging experiences with Arab Countries

Morocco, a proud member of the Arab, Islamic, and African families, is eager to continue sharing experiences in a variety of disciplines and placing its knowledge and competent human resources at the disposal of its friends and sister countries, reiterated King Mohammed VI.

The Sovereign stated that “I cannot imagine my country’s progress and development without that of our Arab and African brothers and sisters” in a statement sent to attendees of the Annual Joint Meetings of Arab Financial Institutions, which got underway Saturday in Rabat.

The Sovereign noted in this message, which was read by the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, that the Kingdom of Morocco has begun a number of collaborative projects aimed at enhancing Arab and African economic integration. He cited the gas pipeline project between Morocco and Nigeria as an example. This strategic project aims to promote peace and shared development as well as increase energy security at the continental and global levels.

On this occasion, the king praised the assistance given by regional and international financial institutions, which helped to finance the studies related to this promising project and expressed their willingness to help with its execution.

The Sovereign further thanked Arab financial institutions for continuing to support the Kingdom of Morocco’s economic and social development by funding investment and development projects and offering technical support in a variety of fields.

The monarch commended Arab financial institutions for their efforts in “financial support to our Palestinian brothers” and urged them to continue supporting the Palestinian development endeavor and the perseverance of the Palestinian people.

The Sovereign also stated that Morocco, which has the honor of hosting this occasion for the sixth time, confirms the special importance it attaches to cooperative Arab action, noting that this annual gathering of Arab financial institutions is a crucial occasion that allows for the evaluation of what has been accomplished and the commendation of their meritorious contribution to the overall development effort.

The king emphasized that the conferences “also give participants the chance to anticipate what is at stake in a rapidly changing world, and to exchange views on ways to support Arab countries’ efforts to address related key issues.”

The Sovereign continued, pointing out that the Annual Joint Meetings of Arab Financial Institutions for 2023 are taking place under a context of unpredictability and uncertainty over the state of the world economy.

The king emphasized that “this is because of the ongoing effects of the Ukrainian crisis, international geopolitical tensions and the ensuing exacerbation of growing inflationary pressures, the tightening of credit terms and the increasing risks associated with banking crises, not to mention disturbing and accelerating climate changes, which negatively impact the prospects for economic growth and market stability on a global scale.”

The Sovereign continued, “We obviously need to continue pooling Arab development efforts, adapt development strategies and programs, and make sure they fulfill the aspirations and needs of Arab citizens, especially our youth, given the dangers these rapid developments pose to energy and food security in the medium and long terms.”

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