Moroccan delegation explores investment opportunities in the US

The annual “Select USA” investment summit, which was held from May 1–4 in the Washington, D.C., region and aimed to promote foreign investment in the United States, featured a delegation of Moroccan businesses operating in a variety of industries.

The US Chamber of Commerce and the Commercial Service of the US Embassy in Rabat coordinated the Moroccan participation, which provided an opportunity to learn about offers and facilities at the local, federal, and national levels as well as business and investment opportunities, according to Rabia El Alama, director of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Participants from several countries, including specialists and government officials, as well as representatives of US states, attended the event, which took place at the National Harbor in Maryland.

The role of women in technology and innovation was one of the themes of this year’s edition. On this occasion, Morocco offered a proposal in the area of application development via the firm “OCP Maintenance Solutions,” which was represented by Sara Khadim. Along with delegates from Canada, Israel, and Ukraine, the Moroccan candidate has advanced to the competition’s finals at this summit.

The director of the US Chamber of Commerce emphasized the significance of Morocco’s involvement by pointing out that the international expansion is no longer a choice but a necessity and that the US market is one of the most lucrative and alluring locations in the world.

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