Morocco Launches Anti-Extremism Program with the EU

Through prevention and education, Morocco and the European Union are launching an endeavor to combat violent extremism and terrorism.

The program was introduced on Thursday, concurrently with Morocco’s participation in the Global Counterterrorism Forum in Cairo.

Additionally, Hedayah, a group devoted to combating violent terrorism and extreme ideas, is working with this program.

Nasser Bourita, the foreign minister of Morocco, stated through video message that education was a “strong tool” for preventing and combating extremism, including the violence it breeds.

He noted that education may aid people in cultivating the critical thinking abilities required to demonstrate skepticism and guard against being influenced by extreme discourse and beliefs, emphasizing that it can do so particularly in unstable regions.

The initiative, according to Bourita, is an illustration of Morocco and the EU’s “excellent partnership and mutual commitment” to advancing peace and development.

The program, which will last for two years until 2025, focuses on creating training programs for educators to give them the knowledge and tools they need to suppress violent and extremist rhetoric.

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