Morocco, UN celebrate Argan Day in New York

The International Day of Argania will be observed by Morocco and the UN on May 10 at the UN building in New York under the topic “Local socio-economic development and sustainability of the argan ecosystem.”

On March 3, 2021, the UN General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution designating May 10 of each year as the International Day of Argania.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, this celebration highlights Morocco’s initiatives to promote the argan tree as a tree native to the Kingdom, as well as an ancestral source of sustainable development and an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Through the support and promotion of cooperatives and agricultural organizations (SDG 8), it also aims to highlight the role of the argan tree in enhancing community resilience, contributing to food security (SDG 2), climate change adaptation (SDG 13), water stress (SDG 6), and empowering rural women (SDG 5).

In fact, Morocco is dedicated to creating and maintaining sustainable community management methods in the context of water stress and escalating climate change. Morocco is conscious of the environmental problems and challenges facing the argan ecosystem. The Kingdom shares its expertise to improve the resiliency of this iconic ecosystem through this international day, which is observed annually by the UN. The argan tree is a symbol of biodiversity and carries valuable knowledge and experiences to help restore a balance between humans and nature.

According to the statement, this year’s celebrations will begin at the UN headquarters in New York, presided over by Mohamed Sadiki, Morocco’s minister of agriculture, fisheries, rural development, and water and forests, and Omar Hilale, Morocco’s ambassador permanent representative to the UN.

A reception will be held in honor of the community of ambassadors and representatives of the United Nations system to taste the argan tree’s products and learn about what local Moroccan cooperatives have to offer. A two-week art and photography exhibition on the argan tree will also be held at the UN headquarters.

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