Cape Verde Reaffirms Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

In a joint statement, Cape Verde reaffirmed its support for the Moroccan autonomy proposal as the most “serious and credible” solution to the Western Sahara conflict.

In a statement released following the second joint commission between Cape Verde and Morocco, which was presided over today in Rabat by the foreign ministers of both countries—Nasser Bourita of Morocco and Rui Alberto De Figueiredo Soares of Cape Verde—Cape Verde expressed its viewpoint.

Soares commended the UN for trying to resolve the territorial dispute in a “realistic and practical” way.

He further stated that Cape Verde is in favor of a long-term solution that maintains Morocco’s territorial integrity and functions under United Nations authority.

Soares emphasized that Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over the Western Sahara are confirmed by the creation of a general consulate by his nation in Dakhla.

By establishing a consulate in Dakhla in August 2022, the nation expressed its adherence to Morocco’s claim of sovereignty over the contested territory.

“The opening of the General Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Dakhla also expresses support for the Autonomy Plan presented by Morocco and the efforts of the UN to find a credible and realistic solution to the resolution of the dispute over the Sahara,” Soares said during the opening of the consulate.

Bourita and Soares also signed nine bilateral agreements covering a wide range of areas in an effort to strengthen their bilateral cooperation.

A comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, according to Bourita, can be strengthened by the meeting’s opportunity to develop and expand the political conversation.

The two ministers emphasized their shared commitment to use the African Continental Free-Trade Area (AfCFTA) to promote security, stability, and economic growth in Africa.

Considering Cape Verde’s unique characteristics as an island nation, Bourita also underlined Morocco’s willingness to support Cape Verde’s inclusion into the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Cape Verde has previously stated its unwavering support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Luis Felipe Tavarez, the former Cape Verdean foreign minister, emphasized his nation’s acknowledgment of the “Moroccanness of Western Sahara” in 2019 and lauded Morocco’s dedication to the development and unity of all of Africa.

In the struggle for the Sahara, Morocco has made tremendous progress in winning over other nations. Cape Verde is one of a rising number of nations that believe Morocco’s autonomy approach offers the best chance of resolving the protracted Western Sahara conflict in a way that is both politically feasible and sustainable.

The US, Sierra Leone, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands are just a few of the nations that have praised Morocco’s request for autonomy.

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