Bill Clinton to speak at the Aviram-Forbes Awards in Marrakech

President Bill Clinton will speak at the 2023 Aviram Awards ceremony in Marrakech on May 16. The competition’s finalists are five trailblazing businesspeople from North Africa and the Middle East.

The MENA region’s firms that have the potential to dramatically effect social and environmental change through innovation and technology are to be identified, mentored, and supported by the event, which is coordinated by the Forbes and Aviram Foundations.

The finalists for this year were chosen by the international judging panel, which was moved by their concepts for revolutionary technology that will advance civilization.

According to a Forbes press release, three of the contenders are from Israel, one is from Morocco, and the finalist is from Saudi Arabia.

The ambassador of the kingdom is Youssef Bouyakhf, CEO and co-founder of Deepecho, who uses AI to enable scan technicians with limited background in advanced video diagnosis. Birth defects can be found using deepecho.

Rodrigo Jimenez Sandoval, the CEO and co-founder of Polymeron, produces biodegradable and compostable plastic pellet formulations using organic waste from the chicken and date farming industries as a raw material.

He runs a business called Polymeron in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to providing solutions for the Middle Eastern region’s issues with the disposal of organic waste and food security, Sandoval’s technologies address the problem of plastic pollution.

Hilla Ben-Pazi, CEO and co-founder of StrokeAlert in Israel, developed a wearable neck monitoring device that may automatically send alarms for stroke, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment.

Gil Davidman, the CEO of QD-SOL in Israel, uses photocatalysts and sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, producing green, affordable hydrogen without relying on power grids.

The last contestant is Israeli CEO and Co-Founder Dan Deviri of Carbon Blue.

His company pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere by providing a way to extract it from the water. The technology is affordable, portable, and eco-friendly. It requires extremely minimal maintenance and neither feedstock nor logistics are required.

“The winning start-up will receive a financial reward of $500,000, professional mentoring from famous businessman and founder of the Aviram Foundation, Ziv Aviram, as well as media support from Forbes. The winning start-up must be based on an inventive breakthrough and a commitment to humanity. According to Forbes, the third-place winner will receive a prize of $50,000 and the second-place winner will receive a prize of $100,000.

The finalists will have the chance to present their concepts live on stage in front of a distinguished business leadership jury in Marrakech.

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