Portugal Eager to Strengthen Bilateral Ties with Morocco

Portugal has reaffirmed its desire to continue enhancing its relationship with Morocco.

On the eve of the Morocco-Portugal High Level Meeting, which will take place in Lisbon on Friday, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa emphasized his nation’s resolve.

Costa stressed the proximity between Rabat and Lisbon while describing Morocco as a steady and dependable partner.

He reiterated Portugal’s emphasis on Morocco’s reform initiatives “aimed at modernizing its economy and consolidating a modern society,” saying “Rabat is the closest capital to Lisbon.”

According to the Portuguese official, maintaining a safe and stable environment in the Mediterranean area is a shared goal of both Rabat and Lisbon.

Costa highlighted that the friendship treaty between Morocco and Portugal would be 30 years old in 2024. The historic Treaty of Peace of 1774 will be commemorated by the two nations during its 250th anniversary.

“It is a relationship with a rich past, but above all a very promising future, based on the friendship between our two governments and our two peoples and the existence of common projects for the future of the two countries,” he claimed.

The willingness of Costa’s nation to deepen collaboration with Morocco in a variety of fields, including as agriculture, renewable energy, as well as in the fields of education and science, was also stated.

Along with Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, these nations are working together economically and politically to win the right to host the 2030 World Cup.

In March, Morocco declared its participation in the joint proposal, highlighting the goal of the project to unite the continents of Africa, Europe, the northern and southern Mediterranean, as well as the African, Arab, and Euro-Mediterranean regions.

In March, King Mohammed VI stated of the bid, “It will also bring out the best in all of us – in effect, a combination of genius, creativity, experience, and means.”

The combined bid has received praise from both Spain and Portugal, who emphasized its importance as a statement of cohesion and togetherness to the entire globe.

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