King sends order of the day to Royal Armed Forces on 67th Anniversary of FAR creation

King Mohammed VI of Morocco delivered a speech to officers, non-commissioned officers, and non-commissioned troops to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

He thanked the FAR members in his address for their commitment to the protection of the country and its citizens. He emphasized the significance of the FAR’s contribution to protecting the nation’s territorial integrity and urged ongoing work to strengthen the planning and command system, create a vast network for information and communication, and maintain alertness and adaptability in the face of shifting global dynamics.

The King emphasized the necessity for logical and superior methods of enhancing the FAR’s defensive, operational, and logistical capabilities.

In order to foster a space for the development of analytical, civil, and military skills, he announced the establishment of the Royal Center for Defense Studies and Research within the Royal College for Higher Military Education. This will help to dedicate the strategic approach in the treatment of the issues and challenges facing the defense and security system in its global dimensions.

The King emphasized the significance of upholding strong structural ties with numerous allies and partners, which have significantly strengthened Morocco’s defense system and solidified the capital of its armed forces as a trustworthy partner in establishing security and spreading values of tolerance and peace in accordance with international agreements.

He praised the FAR for maintaining its openness to the outside world, which is demonstrated by the expansion of alliances with friendly nations’ armies, the active participation of Moroccan contingents in peacekeeping missions, and the stepping up of aid to kin African nations in the areas of education and training at Moroccan military schools and institutes.

Finally, the King praised the FAR’s initiatives in managing crises, providing aid, and fostering social cohesion, including the mobilization of military cadres to promote the creation of a new promotion of conscripts to military duty.

He emphasized the value of providing conscripts with both fundamental military training and professional certification in order to assist them develop their technical, physical, and psychological skills. The King ended by expressing his admiration for the FAR and its members as well as their commitment to the safety and prosperity of the nation.

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