HM unveils the first model of a Moroccan car brand, prototype of a hydrogen vehicle

The presentation ceremony for the prototype of a hydrogen vehicle developed by a Moroccan and the model of the first Moroccan automaker took place on Monday at the Royal Palace in Rabat. These two innovative projects will help to promote the “Made In Morocco” label and solidify the Kingdom’s position as a viable auto manufacturing hub. May God help King Mohammed VI.

The King was presented with a car by a company called “Neo Motors” that is financed by Moroccan capital as well as the NamX company’s HUV (Hydrogen Utility Vehicle) prototype, demonstrating the Sovereign’s desire to support and encourage the innovative national entrepreneurial initiatives and the creative abilities that these projects represent, especially in the youth of Morocco.

These two industrial projects are in keeping with the High Royal Directions, which seek to influence private investment toward productive ventures, particularly in the advanced and future industries, and to encourage the formation of a new breed of businesses in the Kingdom.

They also support the King’s long-range plans for sustainable growth and the promotion of renewable energy sources, particularly the developing sector of green hydrogen.

The Neo Motors firm has established an industrial facility in Ain Aouda (Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Region), with a projected annual capacity of 27,000 units and a local integration rate of 65%, to produce motor cars for the local market and for export.

580 jobs will eventually be created as a result of this project’s estimated 156 million dirham total investment.

In February 2023, the National Agency for Road Safety gave the first vehicle its final clearance. The company has begun pre-production and intends to open the industrial unit in June 2023 as well as to start marketing.

National expertise is being used to complete this project, which gives rise to the first Moroccan consumer automobile brand. It mostly depends on the local automotive supply network that the Kingdom has built.

The Italian design studio and coachbuilder Pininfarina worked together to create the NamX prototype of its hydrogen-powered automobile. Moroccan expertise were used to create the inside design of the car.

In fact, the HUV model will be supplied with hydrogen by a central tank that will be complemented by six removable capsules, ensuring a large degree of autonomy and allowing the hydrogen recharge in a matter of minutes.

This pilot initiative firmly embeds Morocco in the global movement to create new modes of transportation that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

Nassim Belkhayat, the founder and CEO of Neo Motors, and Faouzi Annajah, the president and creator of NamX, received the Wissam Al Kafaa Al Fikria on this occasion from His Majesty the King, may God help Him.

Ryad Mezzour, the minister of industry and trade, was present at this ceremony.

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