The Director-General of Morocco’s French Chamber of Commerce and Industry talks with industry fishermen at Laayoune Port

Charles Dumblin, the director-general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco (CFCIM), paid a visit to the port of Laayoune in an effort to value the economic and trade ties between France and Morocco, both in terms of trade and cooperation, and will further enhance the region’s attractiveness, to develop the economy, boost competitiveness, and open up new opportunities.

The French Chamber of Morocco’s sales manager and a representative of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry were also part of the trip. The purpose of the tour is to assess the business environment and investment prospects in Laayoune Saakia Hamra, as well as the significance of port infrastructure in global trade and the port’s significant contribution to this sector, notably in the fishing industry.

Meeting with Hamza Toumi, the head of the “Al Karama Pesca Cooperative,” served as the highlight of the trip. to get deeper knowledge of the part maritime cooperatives play in fostering trade at the national and international levels and generating employment. As part of the government’s new plan to build a social state and a social economy.

Hamza Toumi emphasized that his meeting with the Director-General of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco was an excellent opportunity to witness the successful reality of marine joint projects firsthand. The importance of the visit was noted, noting that it provided a chance to speak with the delegation’s members about many current issues and played a crucial role in the growth and promotion of communication between the two sides’ economic activities, both in terms of generating employment opportunities and assisting in related economic activities.

The delegation members gained knowledge of the port’s capabilities, structure, and function as a fundamental logistical link and a prime example of integration into the corporate environment during the tour. The delegation went to the National Fishing Office’s wholesale fish market, which is located in commercial space, and gave it various explanations about the nature of the work done there, as well as the size and number of fishing dischargers and the various fish species that are found along the region’s coasts.

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