UNFPA Morocco and ICD Drive Legislative Reforms for Gender Equality

With an emphasis on the active involvement of young girls, the United Nations Population Fund in Morocco (UNFPA) and the International Center for Diplomacy (ICD) have signed their first collaboration agreement to address the national discussion on legislative reforms for equality.

In a news statement, UNFPA Morocco stated that it will work with ICD to expand the venues for expression and conversation throughout this year in order to elevate the voices of young girls in the debates about criminal law and family law.

In order to increase their role in generating initiatives for equality and against prejudice, they will achieve this aim through building forums for expression and conversation and engaging in comprehensive consultations with decision-makers.

In order to share worldwide best practices, particularly within the scope of South-South cooperation, the collaboration will also assure the participation of legal experts, civil society groups, and the media.

According to the announcement, Global Affairs Canada will assist the execution of the partnership.

ICD President Karima Rhanem commented on the agreement, saying that it will assist in carrying out a project aimed at “empower[ing] young girls and reinforcing [their] voices in the current legislative reforms on the Penal Law and Family Code.”

The discussion over the Moudawana, or Moroccan family code, as well as the criminal code’s treatment of women and young girls, has heated up recently.

In order to encourage good change and address the difficulties girls in Morocco confront, a variety of stakeholders, government representatives, and women’s rights activists have been holding conversations and launching initiatives. This has to do with things like education, marriage, and divorce.

According to UNFPA Morocco, the 10th cycle of partnership between the Moroccan government and UNFPA will begin in 2023 and last through 2027. The program for this new cycle, which places a significant emphasis on adolescent girls, was adopted during the UNFPA Board of Directors’ final formal annual session, which was held in New York in September 2022.

According to the statement, UNFPA’s activities in Morocco “contribute to realizing the vision of the New Development Model 2021-2035 and align with the principles of the government’s cooperation framework and the United Nations System for Sustainable Development 2023-2027.”

The declaration also symbolizes the revolutionary goal of the International Conference on Population and Development, which will mark its 30th anniversary in 2024, and speeds up the accomplishment of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

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