Three Moroccan destinations among top ten ‘greatest’ road trips in the world

Three locations in Morocco were listed among the top ten best road trips in the world by the UK automaker CarMats.

Three road excursions in Morocco made the list of the top ten best road trips in the world in a recent study on the most famous highway locations in the world.

The Atlas Mountains are at the top of the list at fourth place. The region is a perennial tourist attraction because of its untamed peaks, scenic valleys, and endearing Amazigh settlements.

Following the Moroccan Coastal Road Trip in sixth place is the Sahara Loop, which connects Mauritania and Morocco. Sand beaches, rocks, and expansive views of seaside villages may all be seen on the gorgeous journey along the Atlantic coast.

For each location, CarMats took into account a number of variables, such as the typical summer temperature, annual rainfall, sunlight hours, levels of light pollution, and the presence of national parks, to determine the ranking.

The ranking also took into account the amount of time needed to travel, expressed as the number of days needed to cover the complete distance.

The Savannah Way, a route that crosses Queensland and Western Australia and includes 15 national parks along the way, came in first place in the study.

The Grand Circle, a place in the southwest of the country, received the second place. The route provides access to eight national parks as well as stunning views of valleys and canyons.

The journey is 1500 kilometers long, and it usually takes two to three weeks to complete the trek.

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