Driving Economic Growth: Morocco’s Trade Missions Total 172 in 2022

Nasser Bourita, the minister of foreign affairs, announced that his office successfully coordinated 172 trade missions to and from the North African nation in 2022, demonstrating Morocco’s dedication to both economic development and diplomacy.

The programs sought to increase trade, draw in investment, and promote cooperation through bilateral and international trade agreements in order to boost the country’s economic development.

The declaration was made in response to a question that the National Rally of Independents (RNI) of Morocco had asked verbally on the topic of “strengthening economic diplomacy.”

Bourita emphasized the Ministry’s crucial contribution to leading the nation’s diplomatic efforts while highlighting their advantageous effects on Morocco’s economic environment.

In addition to the trade missions, the Ministry put together 150 economic conferences and trade shows, giving Moroccan and foreign businessmen the chance to network and consider new business opportunities.

To assist Moroccan and foreign business owners in their commercial pursuits, the ministry set up 145 trade liaison units.

Additionally, the ministry served as a liaison between Moroccan and foreign corporations. Bourita underlined that 51 commercial disputes that his agency successfully settled helped to create a stable and beneficial economic environment.

Bourita emphasized the ministry’s function while also mentioning the signing of 95 business contracts. The accords, which cover a wide variety of topics including trade and investment, have given Moroccan businesspeople crucial instruments.

A total of 1,400 economic agreements have been signed by Morocco, which is constantly expanding its global network of alliances.

Morocco’s foreign policy is based on economic diplomacy, according to Bourita, who also emphasized the significance of the nation’s enormous diplomatic network, which includes 105 embassies and 57 consulates around the world.

The network is essential in highlighting Morocco’s advantages, strengths, and enormous potential for the world.

Morocco’s dedication to promoting economic growth and fortifying diplomatic ties is highlighted by the accomplishment of its economic diplomacy projects in 2022.

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