Israeli Minister of Transport Finds Common Ground in Morocco, Acknowledges Sahara Issue

The Moroccan counterpart of the Israeli Minister of Transport, Miri Regev, and she signed a number of significant bilateral agreements while they were on a working trip to Morocco. Regev talked about Israel’s position on the Sahara issue in addition to various transportation-related topics.

The agreements signed during Regev’s visit to Morocco were a significant turning point in Israeli-Moroccan relations, covering a wide range of topics like enhanced maritime cooperation, direct connections between the two countries’ ports, and the reciprocal recognition of driver’s licenses.

Regev expressed her satisfaction in an interview with i24NEWS from Rabat, saying that these agreements would strengthen bilateral cooperation and promote closer ties in the land, sea, and aviation sectors.

Regev mentioned the Sahara problem. She acknowledged the Moroccan people’s importance of this issue, reaffirmed Israel’s understanding, and emphasized the significance of Israel’s relations with Morocco.

Regev promised that the Israeli government would soon adopt a stance on the Sahara issue, taking into account its relevance and implications, while speaking on Le Prime.

Miri Regev spoke about her personal experience visiting Morocco and referred to her ancestry. “I’m at ease here. The Israeli transport minister’s first trip to the kingdom is mine. Since my father was born in Larache and my grandfather is buried there, it is crucial to me both professionally and personally, she said, emphasizing that she would go to Larache in the north of the country.

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