UN Mission Thanks Morocco for Hosting 6+6 Joint Commission on Libyan Elections

Tripoli – The Libyan 6+6 Joint Commission met in Bouznika from May 22 to June 6, and a deal was reached on the laws governing the presidential and parliamentary elections that are expected to take place in the nation at the end of the year, according to a statement from the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on Wednesday.

The 6+6 Commission, which was tasked by the Libyan House of Representatives and the Libyan Council of State to create the election legislation, worked hard, and the Mission expressed its appreciation for their efforts in a statement. It also thanked the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco for providing an opportunity for the Commission.

UNSMIL also noted the outcome of the 6+6 Commission’s work in Bouznika, noting that “important elements of the electoral laws and related issues require the participation and support of a wide range of Libyan institutions, representatives of civil society, including women and youth, and political and security actors in order to enable inclusive, credible, and successful elections.”

In this regard, the Mission emphasized that it will continue to cooperate with all pertinent Libyan institutions, including the Presidential Council, in order to facilitate a process among all parties “that addresses the contentious elements of the electoral framework, ensures the necessary political agreement on the path to the elections, and allows for a level playing field for all candidates.”

UNSMIL reiterates its commitment, in accordance with its mandate, to the holding of “transparent, inclusive, and credible elections that will allow the Libyan people to freely choose their representatives and renew the legitimacy of the country’s institutions.” In this regard, UNSMIL calls on all Libyan actors to cooperate to resolve all outstanding issues and create a more secure and conducive environment for the holding of elections in 2023.

Prior to this, the UN expressed its gratitude to Morocco for its facilitation efforts aimed at achieving agreements on the electoral legislation among the Libyan parties through the Secretary-General’s spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric.

Jalal Shwehdi, a member of the House of Representatives, spoke during the closing session of the work of the 6+6 Commission, in the presence of Omar Abu Lifa, a member of the High Council of State, and Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, about how the final agreement on these laws will be discussed in the coming days.

By supporting Libya’s attempts to hold elections in a thorough, inclusive, and practical manner, Morocco is continuing its efforts to find a lasting solution to the Libyan problem in order to ensure the country’s unity, stability, and advancement.

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