Mohammed VI Tower in Morocco wins the best engineering project prize in Madrid

Rabat – The 15th Annual Caminos Madrid Awards 2022 presented the prestigious “Best Performance in Terms of Engineering Projects or Work Developed by a SME” award to Morocco’s Mohammed VI Tower, the highest tower currently under construction in Africa.

The prize was recently given to Bernabeu Ingenieros, the engineering consulting company responsible for the structure’s design, and to O Tower, a division of O Capital Group, which is led by the CEO of BMCE Bank of Africa, Othman Benjelloun.

The Madrid College of Civil Engineers’ Caminos Madrid Awards are regarded as a gold standard in the building sector. The awards are intended to honor the outstanding achievements of the port, canal, and road engineers who are essential to the advancement of sustainable, social, and economic development.

The engineering consultancy expressed their appreciation by saying, “This is a project that has been with us nearly from the beginning of our studio; a tower we have contributed to rise to become the tallest in Africa; and above all, a shared project that has generated enormous pride in the city of Rabat and throughout Morocco.”

“We extend our sincere appreciation to Caminos Madrid for this award, which we have received with great enthusiasm and satisfaction,” the business continued.

The dean of Caminos Madrid, Maria Dolores Esteban, praised the winning individuals, businesses, and organizations for their efforts to enhance quality of life.

“You inspired the entire profession and made us very proud,” Esteban said.

Her statement that “society faces important and urgent challenges, such as adaptation to climate change and hydrological planning, the creation and maintenance of sustainable urban mobility infrastructures, and the development of the circular economy,” was made in response to the question.

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