African Lion 2023 concludes with war maneuvers, coordinated air raids

On Friday in Tan-Tan, Morocco, African Lion 2023 came to an end with a series of realistic battle exercises. Coordinated airstrikes by Moroccan and American planes, as well as land maneuvers that simulated war operations, were all part of the exercises.

The new Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Berrid, and Lieutenant General Michael Langley, the commander of the American military command in Africa (AFRICOM), watched two Royal Air Force F-16 fighter jets display high-speed and low-altitude aerial maneuvers as the closing ceremony got underway.

The participation of the American “B1B” strategic bomber aircraft, which flew alongside the Moroccan F-16 squadrons, was the highlight of the aerial operations. The B1B was used for the first time during the joint maneuvers of “African Lion.” It is noted for its ability to carry a variety of long-range weaponry and execute stealthy low-altitude flights.

During the drill, Moroccan and American soldiers demonstrated how its main function is to support infantry and armored force ground assaults.

Armoured personnel carriers and modern Abrams tanks from Moroccan and US ground forces participated in the field maneuvers. These training sessions included activities including heavy artillery shell shooting, accurate targeting of enemy locations, and infantry maneuvers utilizing armored vehicles.

Military engineering troops participated in the exercises as well, using vehicles to cut through obstructions and detonate them with explosives. Partner forces were able to move forward safely and execute attack and counterattack missions thanks to these actions.

Military authorities and representatives from the participating and watching nations applauded the maneuvers. The Moroccan and American military representatives were led by Lieutenant General Mohamed Berrid and the Commander of AFRICOM forces.

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