Morocco defeated in South Africa friendly 1-2

The Moroccan national football team lost to South Africa in a qualifying match for the African Cup of Nations on Saturday. The host team won the game 2-1 in the final score.

South Africa defeated Morocco early on in the match by scoring a goal. Throughout the remainder of the first half, the Moroccan squad encountered many difficulties and defensive slip-ups that almost led to a second goal for their opponents.

Morocco’s offensive efforts were ineffective the whole first half and did not offer a serious danger to South Africa’s goal. So, with the home team leading by one goal, the referee blew the whistle to signify the conclusion of the first half.

The Moroccan team struggled much more throughout the second half. South Africa extended their lead with a second goal within the first five minutes of the second half, replicating the conditions of the previous goal.

Hakim Ziyech succeeded in scoring a goal in the 60th minute, cutting Morocco’s deficit. However, crucial mistakes in the Moroccan defense during the final few minutes of the game allowed the South African squad to come close to scoring a third goal.

Morocco’s national team dropped to second place in Group 11 standings as a result of this loss, earning 6 points. The national team of South Africa increased their score to 7 points, which gave them the tournament lead.

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