Sofyan Amrabat Close To Joining Atletico Madrid

The Spanish media stated that Moroccan footballer Sofyan Amrabat is close to joining Atletico Madrid.

Sport stated that Atletico Madrid had surpassed Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the race to sign the Moroccan midfielder and had already started assembling all the necessary paperwork.

The outlet reported that Amabat has made it obvious that he wants to leave Italian club Fiorentina, with the Spanish league being his first destination.

Sport also stated that Diego Simeone, the head coach of Atletico Madrid, is searching for candidates with profiles akin to that of Amrabat.

The Atlas Lion’s ultimate goal, as stated in earlier rumors, is to join FC Barcelona.

Earlier this month, Mundo Deortivo reported that Amrabat may look at other teams due to Barcelona’s reluctance to reach an agreement with the football player.

The sports news outlet continued, “And it is that in addition to Barcelona, teams like Bayern, Tottenham, or Atletico de Madrid also want him.
There is currently no news out of Barcelona, according to Amrabat-related sources who spoke to Mundo Deportivo.
Earlier this month, Sofyan Amrabat’s brother Nordin expressed his desire to join FC Barcelona.

Sofyan going to West Ham? The former member of the national football team emphasized that “at Barcelona, he is high on the list but you know Barca’s financial situation,” adding that “he wants to go to the top and his desire is to play in Spain.”

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