A Moroccan volunteer group is urging the government to issue the implementing decree

On Tuesday, June 20, the Moroccan Volunteering Group hosted a participation workshop in Rabat with the National Coordinator of the Club for Youth, Citizenship, Youth and Volunteering Associations, and government departments in attendance. In light of Morocco’s adoption of Law 18.06, which governs contractual volunteering, participants in this workshop discussed topics pertaining to contractual volunteering in Morocco.

Due to its significance in light of the accomplishments of numerous nations in Europe, America, and sub-Saharan Africa, the workshop drew participants.

However, the various interventions brought up the issue of delays in the implementation of this law, suggesting that the Government speed up the creation of the implementing decree and find funding and ways to carry out national and international contractual volunteering programs in support of development and global solidarity.

In order to make contractual volunteering a national mechanism that promotes youth engagement, fosters young people’s entrepreneurship, and bolsters their life skills, participating associations agreed to publish a report on the problem and to continue civil and parliamentary arguments.

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