Moroccan Sahara: Switzerland Reiterates Importance of Morocco’s Serious and Credible Efforts, Commends ‘Positively’ Autonomy Plan

Switzerland has once again emphasized the significance of Morocco’s sincere and trustworthy attempts to find a political settlement to the Moroccan Sahara issue that is based on compromise, while “positively” praising the autonomy plan in the course of resolving this issue.

Ignazio Cassis, head of Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and a visiting official in the Kingdom, made this statement at a press conference on Friday in Rabat after speaking with Nasser Bourita, the minister of foreign affairs, African cooperation, and Moroccan expatriates.

In his statement, he stated, “Switzerland recognizes and reiterates the importance of Morocco’s serious and credible efforts to find a peaceful political solution based on compromise.”

The autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to the UN General Secretariat on April 11, 2007, was mentioned by Cassis, who stated that “this initiative is a positive point in the process, and we will do everything in our power to facilitate a favorable solution.”

“It’s time for this issue to be settled and to find a solution, because this crisis has been going on for too long,” said Switzerland’s top diplomat.

He also indicated that Switzerland backs the efforts of the United Nations and the central role it plays in the process concerning the Sahara issue, and that it supports a political solution in line with international law and Security Council resolutions.

“I believe we need to find an agreement with the UN representative that can bring the process to a successful conclusion, with flexibility on everyone’s part,” he said.

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