Morocco, Italy Sign Action Plan for Implementation of Multidimensional Strategic Partnership

The action plan for the multidimensional strategic Partnership was signed on Wednesday in Rome by the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Italy.

The joint declaration Morocco and Italy signed on November 1, 2019 in Rabat expressed their desire to establish bilateral ties within the framework of a multidimensional strategic Partnership, geared toward ongoing communication and practical, mutually beneficial cooperation. Through this action plan, Morocco and Italy reaffirm that desire.

The action plan primarily, but not completely, focuses on collaboration in the areas of security and justice, economic, energy, and sustainable development.

Along with collaboration on migration and consular concerns, it also encompasses cooperation in the areas of culture, universities, research and development, intercultural and interreligious discussion, and more.

The formation of a relationship Council and related committees is called for in the action plan for carrying out the multifaceted strategic relationship between Morocco and Italy.

The Partnership Council, which is organized at the level of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, will meet annually, alternating between Rabat and Rome, to monitor and define priority areas of cooperation, formulate recommendations, evaluate the results of the previous year’s work, and advance and strengthen cooperation for the upcoming one. It can be made available for other ministers to participate, if necessary.

Senior officials that make up the Committees will convene to make sure that the Partnership Council’s recommendations are followed up on and put into practice.

They are the Committee for Political and Diplomatic Dialogue, Committee for Cooperation on International Peace and Security, Committee for Cooperation on International Justice, Committee for Economic, Energy and Sustainable Development Cooperation, Committee for Cultural, Academic, Research and Development Cooperation and Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue, and Committee for Migration and Consular Affairs.

On the invitation of his Italian colleague, Antonio Tajani, Nasser Bourita, the minister of foreign affairs, African cooperation, and Moroccan expatriates, will travel to Italy this Wednesday, July 5. Following Tajani’s nomination as the Italian Republic’s Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in October 2022, this is Bourita’s first trip to Italy.

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