Guinea reaffirms support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and Sahara autonomy plan

On Monday in Dakhla, the Republic of Guinea reiterated its “firm and constant” support for the Kingdom of Morocco’s territorial integrity and its support for the autonomy plan initiative put forth by the Kingdom as the “only credible and realistic solution” to the Moroccan Sahara conflict.

This stance was stated in a joint statement that was released at the conclusion of the seventh session of the Morocco-Guinea Joint Cooperation Commission, which was co-chaired in Dakhla by Nasser Bourita, minister of foreign affairs, and Morissanda Kouyaté, minister of foreign affairs, African integration, and Guineans Abroad.

Kouyaté also commended UN efforts as the only framework that may lead to an amicable, practical, and long-lasting resolution to the Sahara regional problem.

The Republic of Guinea will open a consulate general in Dakhla in January 2020, according to the Guinean FM, who also emphasized that this is consistent with its previous position.

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