Morocco, Guinea Sign 8 Agreements to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

On Monday, the 7th session of the Moroccan-Guinean joint cooperation commission saw the signing of eight cooperation agreements and conventions.

Together with his Guinean counterpart Morissanda Kouyate, Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita co-chaired the meeting in Dakhla, in southern Morocco.

The agreements also include a security cooperation pact that aims to improve “cooperation mechanisms” so that both nations may work together to combat terrorism and other types of transnational crimes, like as drug trafficking and unauthorized immigration.

In an effort to strengthen the industry, Morocco and Guinea also struck a deal on international passenger and cargo transportation by road.

A memorandum of understanding aimed at advancing and strengthening cultural relations was signed by Morocco and Guinea in addition.

The two nations have strong diplomatic connections built on interactions and collaboration in a variety of fields, including trade.

The two ministers praised the bilateral cooperation between Morocco and Guinea during the meeting and reaffirmed their nations’ shared aim to contribute to bettering ties and cooperation in a variety of sectors.

Rabat reiterated its willingness to continue supporting efforts for socioeconomic growth, notably in fields like security, fisheries, health, social developments, agriculture, and vocational training, according to Morocco’s FM.

Both nations seek to strengthen their cooperation in relation to setting aside 150 teaching positions for the benefit of young trainees in levels and specialties specified by the Guinean Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training under the terms of the agreement to increase cooperation in vocational training.

Starting at the beginning of the 2023–2024 academic year, the training program is expected to run three years at a rate of 50 slots per year.

Kouyate emphasized King Mohammed VI’s objective of giving African development and intra-African dialogue priority in expressing his delight with cooperation with Morocco.

The joint meeting with Morocco was a “testimony to the new dynamic that our two countries intend to imprint on their relations,” according to the head of Guinean diplomacy.

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