Marhaba Operation: Nearly 420,000 people entered Morocco in the first month

At the different port crossings, the Marhaba operation saw a 28% increase in arrivals compared to the same time last year.

The Marhaba operation for this summer, which was started on June 5 at the request of King Mohammed VI, is generally going well thanks to the cooperation of all those involved in the partner countries.

With 32 ships mobilized to operate on 12 shipping lines to connect Moroccan ports with those of Spain, France, and Italy, with a view to ensuring 538 weekly trips with a total capacity of 501,000 passengers and 136,000 cars each week, it is distinguished by a capacity that meets the expected flows during peak periods.

almost the past 20 years, the Algeciras Bay Port Authority (APBA) has welcomed almost 20 million people, solidifying its position as the primary gateway to Tangier.

The Marhaba operation is a success thanks to the cooperation between the Moroccan and Spanish authorities, not only because of the increase in passenger traffic but also because there have been no problems.

The Marahaba operation in Spanish ports reportedly registered 1,876 boat movements up to last Sunday, including 419,500 passengers and more than 101,000 cars, according to information from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

Seven port facilities, including those at Alicante, Almeria, Malaga, Motril, Tarifa, and Valencia, participated in the operation over the summer.

Algeciras saw the transportation of 236,000 passengers, or 56% of journeys, and more than 64,000 cars, or 63% of the total, with 1,322 ship rotations, or 70% of the total.

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