Sustainability, a Common Goal for Morocco, EU (Joint Statement)

Brussels – Morocco and the European Union (EU) have announced, on Thursday in Brussels, that they will continue scientific cooperation with the “common objective of ensuring the sustainability” of fisheries resources in the region.

“Morocco and the EU have taken note of the recommendations contained in the report of the Joint Scientific Committee, which met last June. In this context, they will continue their scientific cooperation with the common objective of ensuring the sustainability of fisheries resources in the region,” reads a joint press release issued at the end of the 5th meeting of the Joint Commission responsible for monitoring the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union.

The Fisheries Protocol of July 18, 2019, which expires on July 17, in accordance with its Article 16, was given an overall evaluation during this meeting. It was emphasized that the same source.

On this occasion, Morocco and the EU expressed their appreciation for their model cooperation, which has made it possible for both artisanal and industrial vessels to operate in all conditions, for the Protocol to be managed rigorously and transparently, and for ongoing scientific monitoring of the condition of fisheries resources.

The joint statement noted that the parties specifically welcomed the satisfactory implementation of the Fisheries Agreement and its Protocol in all of its various dimensions, particularly the excellent state of progress of the projects for the development of the Moroccan fisheries sector. It also noted that these projects could continue after the expiration of the Protocol as provided for therein.

Nasser Bourita, the minister of foreign affairs, African cooperation, and Moroccan expatriates, stated at a press conference following the third ministerial meeting of the Atlantic African States Process on Wednesday that the government is considering scientific data when evaluating the Fisheries Agreement in order to protect this valuable natural resource for Morocco and Moroccans and to ensure its sustainability.

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