Lior Haiat to Hespress: Israel is determined to improve relations with Morocco

The spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lior Haiat, stated that Israel is committed to continuing to cooperate with Morocco to advance and solidify bilateral ties at all levels.

Haiat emphasized the need of elevating the diplomatic missions between the two nations to the status of embassies in an exclusive interview with Hespress in order to strengthen the ties between the governments and the citizens of Morocco and Israel.

“The good relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel strengthen the opportunities for regional stability and peace in the Middle East,” Haiat said. “Some countries prioritize conflict and violence over dialogue and peace. We must cooperate to deal with Iranian threats in the region.”

Israel just acknowledged Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, and Haiat was questioned about it. He said that a “serious and extensive dialogue” between the two nations led to the decision.

“We believe that strengthening relations between Israel and Morocco, including relations between the two governments, as well as strengthening trade, tourism and investment, is of great importance,” Haiat said. “I am convinced that the good relations between Israel and Morocco will help strengthen regional stability and achieve prosperity and well-being for the peoples of the two countries.”

Haiat also addressed Algeria’s and the Polisario Front’s complaints about the Sahara’s acknowledgement of Moroccan sovereignty. Israel is, according to him, “reaching out to all countries to achieve peace in the region.

“Personally, I believe that the developments and changes resulting from the peace agreements will lead to the normalization of relations with other countries in the Middle East region,” Haiat said. “This will contribute to a better future for all our peoples.”

The interview takes place as Israel and Morocco attempt to increase their collaboration in several areas, such as security, trade, and tourism. In recent months, Morocco and Israel inked several agreements on cooperation in the areas of water, agriculture, and health. Israel also appointed a military attaché to Morocco.

It is thought that the Middle East has changed significantly as a result of the closer connections between Israel and Morocco. The rekindled cooperation between the two nations is considered as a positive move towards regional peace and stability given the long history of their connections.

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Source Hespress English
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