Throne Day: HM the King’s Speech Reaffirms Morocco’s Consistent Stance on Palestinian Issue – Palestinian Academician

Al-Quds – The Speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI to the Nation Saturday on the occasion of the Throne Day reaffirmed Morocco’s consistent stance on a number of just causes, chief among them the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and the Palestinian issue, said Amjad Rafik Chihab, Director General of the “Al Maqdissi” Faculty.

Rafik Chihab told MAP that HM King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to maintaining its territorial integrity while highlighting the growing international support for Morocco in this regard.

In affirming the justice of the Palestinian cause and the legitimate right of the Palestinians to the establishment of their independent state with Eastern Al Quds as its capital, the Sovereign showed clarity and frankness, according to Rafik Chihab, a law professor at Al Quds.

The two-state solution is the only option to end this conflict and create a just and durable peace in the area, and this view is completely in line with Moroccan diplomacy’s efforts to support the Palestinian cause, particularly at the UN level, he continued.

The Palestinian academic also recalled the steps done by the Bayt Mal Al Qods Agency to safeguard the city of Al Qods’ cultural, civilizational, and religious identity as well as to aid and protect the Maqdessis.

He also mentioned the Agency’s work in Al Quds in the areas of culture, health, and education and how it had a beneficial effect on the Maqdessis’ quality of life.

Under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty the King, support for the Palestinian issue has always been a top priority of the Kingdom’s diplomatic action. On the ground, this has taken the form of direct social and economic assistance for the Palestinians as well as political and forum advocacy.

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