Royal Armed Forces celebrate 24th anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne with swearing-in event

King Mohammed VI, Supreme Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), presided over a swearing-in ceremony at the Place du Mechouar du Palais Royal of Tetouan on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

The King, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid, christened the officers of the promotions of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, who were graduates of the Grandes Ecoles and Military Institutes, paramilitary officers, and officers from the ranks, with the name “Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem.”

Expressing his pleasure in meeting the officers, King Mohammed VI emphasized the significance of modern training and continuous upgrading for the forces.

He congratulated them for their outstanding degree of vigilance, mobilization, and dedication to their national duty. The promotions were given her name in honor in honor of the outstanding work Princess Lalla Meryem performed in the Royal Armed Forces’ social affairs division and her support of issues for women’s and children’s rights.

The King exhorted the officers to uphold morality, devotion, order, real patriotism, and adherence to the enduring slogan, “God, Fatherland, King.”

The Royal Military Academy, Royal Air Force School, Royal Naval School, and the Royal School of Military Health Service were among the famous military schools represented in the detachments of the successful officers that the King evaluated after the oath was taken. The ceremony also included reserve officers from significant paramilitary schools as well as officers from the Royal Gendarmerie, the Royal Armed Forces, and the Auxiliary Forces.

The FAR personnel promotion table for the year 2023 was also approved by King Mohammed VI, who also elevated senior commanders to the levels of General and Colonel-Major. This action is a reflection of his unfailing love and support for the Royal Armed Forces family.

The Commander of the Southern Zone and Inspector General of the FAR, Lieutenant General Mohamed Berrid, presented the findings and outcomes of the advancement work for both officer and non-officer personnel of the Royal Armed Forces prior to the ceremony. The newly promoted person was congratulated, and the King expressed his satisfaction and encouraged all staff to carry out their important work with devotion and commitment to “God – The Fatherland – The King.”

The Head of Government, the leaders of the two Houses of Parliament, the King’s Counselors, members of the government, senior members of the General Staff of the FAR, foreign attachés, and other civil and military figures were among the distinguished dignitaries who attended the swearing-in ceremony.

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