Relations between Morocco and ASEAN ‘Closer Than Ever’ (Vietnamese Ambassador)

The ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Dang Thi Thu Ha, stated on Tuesday in Rabat that relations between Morocco and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are “closer than ever”.

Following the establishment of the ASEAN Committee in Rabat in 2015, the Kingdom’s accession to the Association’s Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation in 2016, and its declaration as an observer member of the Association’s Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in 2017, Thi Thu Ha emphasized that Morocco and ASEAN now enjoy closer relations than ever. She made this point in a statement to MAP on the sidelines of a ceremony held at the Indonesian Embassy to mark the 56th anniversary of the creation of ASEAN.

Thi Thu Ha, who is also the president of the ASEAN Committee in Rabat, recalled that Morocco had received the status of Sectoral Dialogue Partner with ASEAN last July in Jakarta. She expressed her conviction that this partnership will help to strengthen the multifaceted cooperation between the two parties, given the central role that ASEAN plays in Southeast Asia and the strategic geographical position of Morocco as a gateway to Africa.

The diplomat continued, “The status of Sector Dialogue Partner with ASEAN also illustrates His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s long-sighted vision in favor of strengthening relations between Morocco and the Association,” noting that this occasion is an opportunity to draw attention to the significant accomplishments of this political, economic, and cultural organization founded in 1967.

In a speech on this occasion, Fouad Yazough, director general of bilateral relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, praised the historical ties between Morocco and Southeast Asian nations as well as the noteworthy accomplishments that have grown in the Morocco-ASEAN partnership over the past few years.

“Under the high impetus of HM the King, and as part of his strategic vision aimed at diversifying and consolidating its partnerships at all levels, Morocco is driven by a firm desire to initiate a global and fruitful dialogue in phase with the vision and spirit of ASEAN”, he said, noting that this partnership has also produced tangible results, particularly in the areas of countering violent extremism, education, tourism, trade, investment, and parliamentary cooperation.

Yazough added that Morocco’s achievement of Sectoral Dialogue Partner status with ASEAN crowns collaborative efforts and represents the Kingdom’s strong commitment to closer cooperation with this vibrant regional community. He also said that this status will broaden the horizons of interactions between the two parties and provide a platform for exchanging experiences, expertise, and visions for a better future.

Yazough remarked, “The potential of the Morocco-ASEAN economic and trade partnership is far from being fully explored,” calling for fresh motivation and ideas to forge this model alliance.

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