Lekjaa Promises Atlas Lionesses to Elevate Women’s Football in Morocco

On Thursday, the national women’s football team returned from the 2023 Women’s World Cup to a warm greeting from Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FMRF). In their first World Cup appearance, the squad had pulled off a spectacular achievement by gaining their place in the second round of the competition.

Beyond the festive mood, Lekjaa gave a speech at the event during which he pledged to advance and promote women’s football to previously unheard-of levels.

“We will work on plans to maintain the evolution of women’s football after taking a few days off. The training of younger age groups, notably those under the ages of 15, 16, and 17, will undergo a thorough makeover as a result, Lekjaa promised.

The Mohammed VI Complex served as the venue for the event, which was planned by FRMF and held in recognition of the accomplishments of the Atlas Lionesses.

Lekjaa emphasized the importance of the group’s successes at the Women’s World Cup, calling it a “momentous event in the history of football.” He stressed how important it is for the growth of women’s football, a cause to which King Mohammed VI is dedicated.

“Qualifying for the Round of 16 at the World Cup is always a significant milestone in football history, and this participation will be remembered in the annals of the sport,” Lekjaa stated in a speech to the national team players.

“This is the way history is recorded. This is the first step on the national team’s path to excellence, under the direct supervision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,” he continued.

Lekjaa went into additional detail about Morocco’s national teams’ achievements throughout the previous year, especially the men’s team’s run to the 2022 World Cup semifinals in Qatar.

“We are a fantastic football nation… You are one of the top 16 teams in the world, and the senior squad of Morocco made it to the semifinals,” Lekjaa continued.

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