National Migrant Day: SNRT continues its opening on the Moroccans of the world

On Thursday, August 10, the SNRT’s open days for MRE came to a close with the welcome of overseas active forces and professionals with specialized capabilities. An occasion to exchange ideas and strengthen bonds with other Moroccans around the world is being celebrated in honor of the National Migrant Day, which His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God be with him, established.

The activities of this event, highlighted by the participation of Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), were specifically focused on identifying changes in the national offer of SNRT in terms of audiovisual services within the purview of the MRE. Content that pays special attention to programs devoted to this community by highlighting the importance of heritage and artistic creativity while enhancing the influence of Moroccan culture and civilization, as well as solidifying the shared sense of national identity and communicating a commitment to the ideals of openness, moderation, tolerance, and dialogue.

In this instance, Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), praised this yearly tradition of the SNRT, which represents his involvement in this community. As a result, society transforms it into a horizontal issue that all public agencies are interested in because it is a significant part of Moroccan society and actively participates in development initiatives.

The SNRT’s Director of Audit and Management Control, Mr. Jad Bennani, for his part, emphasized the organization’s recent and upcoming initiatives, endeavors, and technical and technological investments under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fayçal Laârachi. The goal is to raise the standard of the public media service, identify the phases of restructuring and governance of the management of this service, and evaluate the outcomes of the company’s restructuring project.

However, this event stood out due to the planning of visits for participants in the various radio and television audiovisual content production services. The objective is to educate them of the institution’s accomplishments in carrying out its duties and obligations in terms of the diversification and qualification of the national audiovisual offer in light of a global context characterized by the significant evolution of new forms of audiovisual content consumption. An offer that is the focus of a plan that the company carefully crafts under the constant supervision of the president and CEO.

In this context, indicators were presented to show the position of these services, which consume the digital material launched to balance out linear television, in the Moroccan community. In addition, MRE account for 33% of the 9 million users of the SNRT live platform over the previous six months. Moroccans from all over the world make up 35% of Facebook and Instagram users that engage with the SNRT platforms’ content. Additionally, their YouTube audience rate is outpacing that of the local recordings.

As a refresher, this commemoration of National Migrant Day was preceded by the reception of young people from new generations of the MRE who were able to participate in live broadcasts in the SNRT radio channel and who were also allowed to visit the various television and radio studios.

It goes without saying that this event, which drew attendees from the MRE’s home countries on the 5 continents, was successful. Their integration in the host nations while keeping their attachment to the place of origin serve as a greater example of loyalty to the motherland for the many generations of Moroccans around the world. Ilias El Goudani, a young professional boxer and U-17 world champion who was born in Germany of Nador, Morocco-born parents, chose to pursue a career in professional sports while representing his own country.

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